General Terms of Business for Commissioned Translation Work
These Terms of Business set out the conditions upon which Camille ONODA will accept work from clients. In the following terms, the Translator means: Camille ONODA, 350 chemin du Pré neuf, 38350 La Mure d’Isère, France.
All orders placed imply the client’s full acceptance of these Terms of Sale, without any reservation whatsoever and to the exclusion of any other document.
No special terms will take precedence over these Terms of Sale unless expressly stated in writing on the final and binding purchase order.
The execution of any service by the Translator implies the Client accepts these Terms of Sale and waives his own general terms and conditions. Any other disposition, in the absence of manifest consent, will be ineffective against the Service Provider, regardless of the time at which he/she may have been made aware of it.
Any condition to the contrary shall not be binding to the Translator unless expressly accepted by the Translator in writing, regardless of when the Translator becomes aware of the condition. That the Translator does not exercise one or more of the provisions in these Terms of Sale shall not be interpreted as a waiver of the Service Provider’s right to exercise any of the provisions in these Terms of Sale at a later date.
Each order placed by the Client shall be preceded by a free quote issued by the Translator based on the documents to be translated or information provided by the Client.
The quote the Translator sends to the Client by electronic mail include:
• The number of words or pages to be translated;
• The language pair;
• The way in which the translation was priced. A translation is billed either at a flat rate, at an hourly rate, or based on the Service Provider’s rates at the time the quote is prepared, such as the number of words in the text to be translated or number of target words in the translated text, according the Statistics function in the CAT tool, SDL Trados, by line, page, or by hour. The date of delivery of the translation;
• The format of the translated documents in case a specific layout has been requested;
• Any special rates applied because of urgency, specific research, or any other service that goes beyond the services usually provided by the Service Provider.
To confirm an order, the Client must return the unaltered quote with the Client’s written approval and signature to the Translator by electronic mail.
If the Translator does not receive the order confirmation, the Translator reserves the right not to commence work on the project concerned.
If confirmation of the order is not received within two (2) months of the date the quote is sent by the means stipulated above, the quote shall be considered null and void.
The Translator reserves the right, after informing the Client, to charge an additional fee and/or not to adhere to the delivery date on the Client’s initial order in the following cases:
• Modification of documents or the addition of documents by the Client after the initial quote was prepared by the Service Provider, in which case the Translator reserves the right to adjust the rate based on the additional volume of work estimated or requested;
• If the documents were not furnished during the quote preparation process;
If the initial quote was based on the Client’s estimation of the number of words and an excerpt of the text