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Camille Onoda
English-French / German-French

In a fast changing world, you cannot afford to make a mistake. You have to act quickly while maintaining a high level of quality. As a translator specialised in international development and cooperation, humanitarian aid and sport, I am here to help you with your English-French translation, editing or proofreading projects or your German-French ones.

How can I help you?


A professional translator only translates into his or her mother tongue. I therefore exclusively translate from English and German into French from France. Your communication documents reflect the identity of your company or organization; you created them with care in order to convey your message to your customers and partners: entrust your documents to a professional translator.


In addition to proofreading, I can assess the style, tone, syntax and readability of your texts or translations and partially or completely rewrite them to ensure accuracy and coherence.


I can check your translations or texts written in French, by a native or near-native level French speaker, against the original and make sure that everything is correct. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting are examined making sure that the final product is flawless.

Areas of specialisation

My expertise is based on my values and passions. Do not hesitate to contact me on to see how we can work together on your project.

International development and cooperation, humanitarian aid

I translate for NGOs, associations and intergovernmental organizations:

  • press releases;
  • training and e-learning materials;
  • HR documents;
  • communication to partners;
  • field research reports;
  • field manual for negotiators.

Translation plays a central and fundamental role for NGOs and other international organizations. Without it, many humanitarian missions could not be deployed on a large scale, networks and contacts could not be established and the messages conveyed would be greatly impoverished.

I assist NGOs and other international organizations in communicating and promoting their actions and mandates.

Sport (road bike, MTB, street trial, adventure travel and hiking)

Specialised translator and above all passionate about bike riding (road bike, mountain bike, and street trial bike), adventure travels and hiking, I grew up in the Massif Central mountain chain in France, and now live in Japan. Sport has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I understand and know your audience, your culture and your products.

I translate:

  • social networks posts;
  • newsletters;
  • catalogues;
  • brochures;
  • guides;
  • sports results;
  • interviews;
  • press releases.

Tourism and hospitality

Coming from a family of hotel owners, I grew up in this environment and therefore know it perfectly. With nearly 10 years of professional experience, I have always been in contact with international clients, mainly French, English and German speaking. I have occupied different positions, such as head of reception or restaurant manager.

The notion of service, discretion, patience and understanding are my priorities when working with your documents.

I translate your:

  • blog posts;
  • newsletters;
  • booking documents;
  • communication materials for your customers;
  • answers to Tripadvisor comments or other similar Websites;
  • training manuals.


Gilles-Philippe / Partnerships Program Officer

It is with great pleasure and enthousiasm that I write in support of Camille who has been collaborating with the Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict (Watchlist) as French-English translator and proofreader. I had the opportunity to collaborate with her on various projects including proofreading and translation and editing of training materials, press releases and communications to partners. She has demonstrated great skills and competencies in her profession. She is precise and meticulous with her work and pays great attention to details. She is very personable and her communication style is fluid and highly professional.

Alexandra S. / Communication officer

J’ai pu constater la très grande qualité du travail fourni par Camille au fil de notre collaboration. Elle a fait preuve d’un grand professionnalisme et est capable de travailler d’un contexte d’urgence en délivrant un travail de grande qualité. Elle a fait preuve d’une très forte capacité à s’immerger dans le domaine traité, en restituant un vocabulaire précis et en suggérant des traductions adaptées. Je recommande le travail de Camille qui m’a donné pleine satisfaction, et a permis de développer profondément le site web de l’association dans sa version française.

Who am I?

Passionate about sports, cooking, travelling, learning languages or reading, choosing a path was not an easy task. I finally decided to study foreign languages and in 2011, after graduating with a Bachelor degree, I spent a year in England. When I returned, I started working in the hospitality industry and worked as a part-time translator.

In 2014, I decided to live for a year in Japan, in Tokyo. I worked there, learned the language and I became so passionate about the culture that I settled there permanently in 2018. But this time in Nagoya, where I work as a full-time translator.

Why me

As I wanted to deepen my knowledge and seek recognition of my linguistic and translation skills, I passed the Diploma in Translation of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in 2013, I did an intensive one-year training course in translation in 2018 and I now hold a Master’s degree in translation since February 2020. (Ci3M – Professional and continuing education centre)

A complex translation project? I like to take on challenges and use my determination to meet your needs. Curious by nature, I dive into your universe to better understand you and find the best tailored solution to your project.

Want to know more about me? Ask me for a CV!


I rarely turn down a project because of a budget issue. Passionate about my work and my areas of specialisation, if the subject interests me, if the project can enrich my knowledge and if it serves the common good, I will do everything I can to make this work for you and me.

Consistent quality commitment

  • Reliable, precise and meticulous translator

  • Expertise and experience

  • Confidentiality and transparency

  • On-time delivery and availability

  • Listening to your needs and finding tailored solutions

  • Care and passion!